Doug Morrison
I was fortunate enough to meet Pamela on a number of occasions and she was always inspiring and encouraging in equal measure. Her legacy, and it is a great legacy, lives on.
Mitchell Strauss
We share the loss of this lovely person with her family, the Skoll family and those she touched in her beautiful life. She was wonderful to the people who she met from OPIC. She was always there to help and to embrace those in pain. She took me to her idyllic home with Martin where I sat with a coffee and drew her mountains. They and she shall endure.
Matt Scott
Dear Pamela - I vividly remember when we first met in a Stanford classroom back in 2002. In sharing your passion about social entrepreneurship, you helped to light a fire in my heart and have inspired my path, and many others, ever since. It has been a privilege to know you, a pleasure to share many joint endeavours, and comforting to know that your legacy will forever live on. With love to your friends and family, M.
Daniela Papi
A lovely video of Pamela up on Pioneers Post:
Cindy Chen
Pamela was one of the most passionate, determined people that I have ever known. She had an endless appetite for stamping out injustice, for championing those with the audacity to challenge the status quo, and for connecting and nurturing the next generation of social leaders. I felt privileged to know her during my time at the Skoll Foundation and loved the direct, no-nonsense, no-BS manner in which she would speak her mind and challenge us to be better. Like many have said before, Pamela was the embodiment of fierce compassion. She was a global influencer and thought leader, and yet she also sincerely cared about you - about your dreams, your hopes, and how she could help you achieve that. I will miss her dearly.
Michael Smith
I first met Pamela Hartigan in Geneva, 11 years ago, where she was the founding Managing Director of the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship. I was then the co-editor of the erstwhile For A Change magazine in London. She wrote a splendid feature article for me, headlined Everybody's Business, in which she wrote the memorable opening lines: "A social entrepreneur is what you get when you combine Richard Branson and Mother Teresa--a hybrid between business and social value creation." Pamela epitomized that combination in her own life, career and spirit. She was a force of nature and will be sorely missed. Her article can be read at:
Antonella Notari Vischer
Pamela Harting of the Skoll Foundation passed away on 12th August 2016 and all those who knew her, even from afar, feel a deep sense of loss.
At the same time, we were all so greatly enriched by her, in a lasting and transformative way, that her presence endures and will do so, for a long time. Her legacy lives and thrives, and many of those whom she has taught and mentored will rise up among us and lead the way to a fairer and better world.
May you rest in peace, dear Pamela, and may we carry the burning torch you lit, in your honour and for the sake of those you served with passion, courage and imagination.
Jo Cavanagh
Pamela was an extraordinary woman who has left a great legacy.

How many has she inspired and encouraged.?She certainly made a strong impact in Australia to advance entrepreneuring.

I feel very privileged to have spent time with her and so appreciated her encouragement to keep going and face challenges. Her generosity and fierce compassion were amazing.

Sincere condolences to her family and thank you so much for sharing Pamela with us all

Jo Cavanagh. Melbourne, Australia
suzanne biegel
Echoing that Pamela was the embodiment of fierce compassion, commitment, excellence, and humanity. I loved knowing her over these past 6 years. I feel so much that a light has gone out in the world but that somehow, her light really was passed to all of us. A truly amazing person. I will miss her so much. I really can't believe that she is gone. I, too, was the recipient of many "I need you..." notes and calls. She made me want to be smarter, better, more on my game. She always will. I will hear her voice forever. Feel so glad to have known her and called her a friend and colleague. Wherever you are, Pamela, much love.
Victoria Moore
The world has lost a true gem. I once sat next to Pamela on a long bus ride while attending a Reynolds Fellowship retreat at Harvard. She shared her life story with me and I remember getting off that bus filled with awe and inspiration. She gave me confidence that as a female leader it's possible to "do it all," and that it's never too late to alter your career path. I remember her telling me that "you just need to be open to whatever comes your way." I've spent the past decade being very open, and it's extraordinary to see where it has led me. I'm grateful to have known Pamela and to have witnessed her beautiful spirit. My deepest condolences to her family and friends.
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