suzanne biegel
Echoing that Pamela was the embodiment of fierce compassion, commitment, excellence, and humanity. I loved knowing her over these past 6 years. I feel so much that a light has gone out in the world but that somehow, her light really was passed to all of us. A truly amazing person. I will miss her so much. I really can't believe that she is gone. I, too, was the recipient of many "I need you..." notes and calls. She made me want to be smarter, better, more on my game. She always will. I will hear her voice forever. Feel so glad to have known her and called her a friend and colleague. Wherever you are, Pamela, much love.
Victoria Moore
The world has lost a true gem. I once sat next to Pamela on a long bus ride while attending a Reynolds Fellowship retreat at Harvard. She shared her life story with me and I remember getting off that bus filled with awe and inspiration. She gave me confidence that as a female leader it's possible to "do it all," and that it's never too late to alter your career path. I remember her telling me that "you just need to be open to whatever comes your way." I've spent the past decade being very open, and it's extraordinary to see where it has led me. I'm grateful to have known Pamela and to have witnessed her beautiful spirit. My deepest condolences to her family and friends.
Michele Giddens
Dear Pamela,

It really did feel as if a great light had gone out, to learn of your passing. So hard to imagine someone so vibrant not being with us. But then, as soon as I thought that, I began to reflect on the many ways that your light continues to burn - and will continue through so many people whose lives you have touched and who you have inspired. And what more could any of us want than to leave behind us such a legacy of inspiration and good that will outlive us? Sending much love to your family, Michele xxx
Smita Sircar
Dearest Pamela, You inspired, mentored and guided many like me to hold on to to one's true purpose. I will always cherish my days at Volans with you. Thank you for so many said and unsaid things. With love and hugs! Smita
Lina Rothman
Thank you, Dear Pamela. You recognized my heart's true wish to help, played match-maker to those who could utilize my great desires, and you opened my life to a new level of growth and opportunity. A fairy sort-of godmother you were to me. We will miss you, dear Pamela. With LOVE...Everyone and me
Antoni Ballabriga
Pamela, I am so sad for your departure. You inspired all our team when we imagined Momentum Project in 2010, a platform to help social entrepreneurs to scale their impact. I have learnt so much from you!!! Specially to persist on my 'unreasonability' breaking comfort and challeging the status quo. Thank you so much for your support and guidance. We will miss you but you will always be within us.
David Haskell
Martin, thank you for sharing Pamela so generously, enriching the lives of many. I first experienced Pamela’s passion and insight at Harvard’s social enterprise collaboratory. After she presented, my wife and I made a beeline to ask her to review the strategy for our lifetime vision. Incredibly, she agreed, giving her undivided attention and penetrating analysis for an unhurried hour. And year after year, she tracked our progress. After a decade, Pamela sat with us for another hour to brainstorm how to equip young people for a light in every hard place in our generation. With her encouragement, we volunteered to invest in the Oxford students in her orbit. And now in Pamela’s memory, we pledge to continue to pass on her passion and insight to scholars under Oxford’s dreaming spires and especially to local visionaries in neglected zones of misery.
Karen Wilson
Dear Pamela, you have been such an inspiration to so many people around the world and we have all learned so much from you. Personally, I am grateful particularly for the time I had to work with you at the World Economic Forum, when you successfully launched the Schwab Foundation, and at the Skoll Centre at Oxford Said Business School. We miss you tremendously already. Our hearts go out to your family, colleagues and close friends who were with you in your difficult two year health struggle. Throughout it all, you never stopped your relentless drive to make this world a better place. For that, and for being such a wonderful person, we are all in deep gratitude to you for all you have achieved throughout your extraordinarily productive and impactful life. You remain in our thoughts and hearts!
Valentina Aversano-Dearborn
Pamela, as always you showed us that the impossible is possible: Although you are not (physically) around anymore, you are so(!) present! Everywhere! If we had a map that shows where you are in this moment, the world would be full with dots! Thoughts to you and your family are coming from every corner of this planet and from the bottom of our hearts! Thanks for being and staying such an incredible source of inspiration that we can continue getting strength and motivation from when trying to make this world a more equitable and sustainable place! Lots of Love from Vienna, Valentina and Matt
Shoot Shumin
I'm one of the next generation youth who has benefited from your legacy. Thank you for starting the social innovation movement in Singapore, so now the term Social Entrepreneurship is getting more familiar, and more people are setting up businesses with a social mission, contributing back to the society. Thank you for dedicating your life to educate and empower people. Your inspiring stories will not be forgotten.
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