Elim Chew
Thank you for supporting and inspiring us to start the social innovation and social entrepreneurship movement in Singapore. Everything was so new and unfamiliar to us back then, but your passion and positive spirit kept us going. Thank you for presenting the three Schwab Social Entrepreneur of the Year Awards to our local Social Entrepreneurs, and also accepting the invite to launch the Sunway Institute for Social Entrepreneurship in KL. You will be deeply missed and your legacy will live on.
Pin Kwok
Pamela was the keynote speaker the year that I was co-chair for the Global Social Venture Competition at Berkeley Haas. I had just started my journey on social entrepreneurship (sorry for using that word!) and had read a lot. But Pamela was the first person who stood live in front of me and infused me with fierce passion and tenacity. I have taken a checkerboard approach to achieving social impact and systems-level change, meandering my way through different settings and roles. I will always be "unreasonable", and fight to to do the near-impossible - Pamela has always been the secret subtle driving force.
Shelly Batra
I am really shocked and grieved at this news. Impossible to believe that Pamela is no more.

I had known Pamela for just a few years, but was deeply impressed by her razor sharp intelligence, drive and initiative, and above all, her zest for life which was evident in everything she said and did.

We were never close friends, but I do believe we were linked by ties of respect and admiration. Pamela's passing shall be a great loss to all of us who had the privilege of knowing and interacting with such a lovely person.
Isabella Horrocks
Pamela influenced the lives of many people. I’d like to share how a few words from Pamela gave me the catalyst I needed to start a social enterprise

It was the end of the “Entrepreneurship Project” during my MBA at Oxford and my team was presenting our idea for an “uber-for-veges” that we’d been working on over the past few months. Going into the presentation, I was excited about our idea - but it was only that, an idea, not something that would actually happen. As our last powerpoint slide flashed off the screen, Pamela drilled into me with her fierce blue eyes: “So what do you need to make this happen?”

A few words, spoken as a challenge, but with an important element of encouragement mixed in. A few words that implied two important things - one that it actually could happen, and two that I should focus on tangible steps to making it happen. Those words took my focus from some far off dream, to the possibility that allowed me to think through how to make that dream a reality. Over the following weeks, Pamela helped me think about tangible steps - team, funding, and meeting with others in the sector.

It’s amazing how a few words spoken from the right person, at the right time, can change your course in life. And I think Pamela had a knack for finding the right words at the right time to change many peoples' lives for the better.

What an amazingly powerful talent to have. The world is a far richer place because of you Pamela.
Sabre Globalcreator
A star is not classified as such for its heat, even though supernovas burn hotter than the sun. A star is star because it lights the path of countless others. There are millions who share a passion for social change, entrepreneurial innovation and living impact- Pamela was different in channeling this passion to touch lives, not just through ventures and projects but in a real human personal way. She changed my life not just in enabling me to complete my MBA at Oxford University as a Skoll Scholar- but in counseling me, linking me to new people and learning and opportunities, conspiring with me about racial equity, emerging market venture acceleration, women's empowerment, impact investment. Through her and Skoll Centre, I was able to graduate and go into impact investing in Africa. Later, when I navigated positioning myself long-term, she helped me assess the value and relevance of the strategic advisory work I do now. She has touched my life, her insights have lit my path. So grateful to have met this star and will continuing feeling her light and learning from it forever. Rise in Paradise, Pamela.
Babette Clavier
A shining light has disappeared and the Earth feels darker without you but your example will continue to guide us. The field of social innovation will miss you dearly.
Delia Fakis
I'm so shocked and saddened to learn of Pamela's passing. She was truly one of the most brilliant women I have ever had the privilege to work with and know. What an honor it was to play a very small role in the publication of The Power of Unreasonable People. Every conversation was thought-provoking and every meeting was inspiring. She was a force of nature who encouraged me to follow my dreams. The world is a better place for having had her in it.
David Grayson
I was devastated to hear of Pamela's passing. We got to know each other through the Pears Business School Partnership between LBS, Said and Cranfield, and the Pears Foundation. Our collaboration grew through the annual EMERGE conference. Indeed, it was only a few weeks ago, that we were emailing about EMERGE 2016. My thoughts and prayers are with Pamela's family, friends and colleagues. By sad coincidence, the funeral of a very old family friend of mine takes place also on Aug 17th, so I will sit in the little chapel here in Sitges tomorrow afternoon to remember both my family friend and my friend & colleague Pamela. RIP.
Lars Johansen
I am incredibly sorry to hear that Pamela Hartigan has passed away. Pamela was member of Den Sociale Kapitalfonds Advisory Board since our founding in 2011 and a fantastic source of inspiration, sparring, ideas and contacts throughout our history. She helped shape and develop not only the fund, but also the larger social entrepreneurship agenda in Denmark through her visits, speeches and meetings here over the years.

For me personally, meeting Pamela was life changing. It was through her and The Schwab Foundation that I was introduced to social entrepreneurship – and my final impetus to establish Den Sociale Kapitalfond came after meeting with her in 2010. Since then, she became a favorite “go to” person for sparring on really big decisions as she was amazingly wise, inspiring, energizing, cool, honest and giving. I am so grateful to have met her. She will be truly missed.
Arthur Wood
Pamela - I am truly going to miss you - whether having lunch or coffee informally in France or the more formal contexts in Geneva NY London or Oxford with students You were one of the folk who spoke it as it is - - a message of hope in youth and the power of business for good tempered by a hard realism of change management. Martin my thoughts to you and your family. I read your daughters post with a lump in my throat. I am sorry I cannot be there on the 17th as I am travelling back on the ferry but my thoughts will be with you all
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