McKenna Spaulding
Nancy, you were one of my first friends when I moved to Santa Barbara in 1996. That was my good fortune. You were generous and savvy and had a wonderfully wry sense of humor. Indeed, we certainly had some good laughs together. We shared a passion for houses and gardens and through Garden Lane you introduced me to many of both in Santa Barbara. You had an impeccable sense of style which shined through in everything you did. We worked together on special events for Casa del Herrero, and, oh my goodness, we were sticklers for doing things “the right way”! We enjoyed twelve years together in an irreverent book club (aka a drinking club!) I will remember you as someone who loved her family fiercely, gave to her friends generously, and whose passion for the arts guided and informed her work. Good night, Nancy, with the smiling green eyes.
kim reierson
I met Nancy five years ago, though It feels like we’ve been friends forever. Though our initial meeting was through work, we instantly had a connection that extended outside our client relationship. I had just moved back from NYC, and Nancy offered everything from her savvy sense of style and worldliness, to friendship and being a confidant . Her generosity extended from ‘girlfriend' pep talks and business advice, to lending a creative platform for me as a photographer and trusting my artistic voice.

I used to joke with her and say..“ Help… I don’t know how to dress West Coast style…! “ because she always looked so cooly put together in stylish yet comfortable layers that took her from garden nurseries and art openings, right down to going for her chemo sessions no matter how tired, or how long it took her to get dressed by that point.

I will miss our creative pow wows fueled by coffee, and our "Staff Holiday Party of 2" , which we'd laugh about because the ''staff'' was just the two of us having a great dinner at a fab restaurant!
We're fortunate to have so many places throughout Santa Barbara to remind us of you, so here's to you and all your layers Nancy.
Squeezing your hand tight- your friend Kim
Nancy Gifford
It is hard to believe Nancy is no longer here with her sweet smile, always so lovely and caring. She was a beautiful gift to her family and friends but also to the entire community. Generous of spirit and gracious to the very end is how I will always remember her with a smile. A big smile, she had a great wit.
Kelly Colen
We first met Nancy and Angelo at a wonderful oyster house in Boston last summer. The kids thought it would be great for us to finally meet, or did they? They were late! By the time Lia and Dalton got there we were fast friends! Nancy was so inviting, she had me at "Wait, I want to sit next to you!" While we shared a great bottle of wine from San Gimignano, we laughed and talked non-stop. I loved her right away! The evening didn't end before we made plans to have a "real" lobster roll at Rye Harbor. Nancy was elegant, smart, funny and kind. They say the best of us will live on in our children and it will. We'll keep her with us through all the great stories and memories, I look forward to hearing them all.
Peace Nancy
Janet Rowse
Randy and I send our deepest condolences to your family. Nancy was a bright star in our community and she will be missed by so many. Blessings and love, Janet
Decker Sadowski
I can't remember the first time I met you, but I do remember having the best mother daughter times with you, Lia, and my mom. I remember moving all the furniture around in your house to make crazy obstacle courses for Lia and me to do, and I remember you sometimes timing them and never being upset that we were tearing your house apart. I remember our trip to Mammoth and Lia and I getting stuck down a ditch when we were skiing off the main track into the trees. You and my mom called us on our walkie talkies to try to figure out where we were and we pretended that everything was fine and we just decided to do the run twice! It was one of those small moments of childhood independence, trying to get ourselves out of trouble without you, yet having the safety to call you if we really needed and that you'd be there in a few minutes to help. I remember going to open houses and long walks and sneaking into backyards with Lia to pick fruit. I remember the Tuesday Gilmore Girl nights. So much of you is in Lia, and I feel so blessed to have known you. You truly were the "cool mom". I always had the most fun with you and Lia together, your sense of humors always feeding off of each other. You will be sorely missed.
Elisabeth Hoff
Thank you for being one of the coolest moms I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. I second everything that Sophie has said below, in that "your sense of humor and strength has been passed on to Lia." Thank you for exposing me to California and welcoming me into your warm home many times to get away from the harsh Boston weather. Thank you for your boy advice, style tips, and for being an incredible listener. Miss you Nanc
Sophie Bresnahan
I think we can all agree that the world lost a beautiful person. Thank you for opening your home to me a few years ago and showing me Santa Barbara. I will never forget the long conversations we had, the beautiful hikes, and especially your delicious margaritas and breakfast burritos. You were truly one of a kind, and raised a one of a kind daughter. I can see your sense of humor and your strength in Lia. These are just a few of the reasons why she will be one of my dearest friends for life. This photo is one I took of you and Lia when you treated us to a night at an incredibly swanky Santa Barbara resort. It really sums up your infectious spirit and sense of humor. You will be so missed. Rest easy, Nanc!
Harvey Banick
I walked into your poster shop over 35 years ago and we became immediate friends. We even became next door neighbors for a numbers of years. You were always a straight talker never pulling a punch. I could count on that from you. We just talked on the phone and you were so matter of fact about this horrible illness I didn't know what to say or ask. You let me know that you were at peace with it and I could say anything or ask anything. I'll never forget that long sweet conversation or most of all you. We all love you and your soul will live on in our hearts.
Leesa Wilson-Goldmuntz
Thank you Nancy for introducing me to the Santa Barbara I love, many friends, wonderful adventures and for your elegance of spirit, wit, and grounded sense of self - we will miss the sum of it more than you know. Walk in peace down that long Garden Lane.
Leesa Wilson-Goldmuntz
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