Bella Bellaments
Your son was so precious and with a spirit that will resonate throughout time. Thank you for sharing his joy and yours with us.
Peter Grieb
Had a good day, up to I've read these news... I feel so sorry....! No words can take away the pain of your family... Rest in peace, my little friend.
Chandler Lorentz
Your son has planted a seed as well as the man he emulated hopes to. I'm truly sorry for your loss. While it isn't the same, almost nine years ago, my neice died after clinging to life for 45 minutes. No child should ever die, and we are all with you. You have the prayers and support of millions of people around this country. The happiness your son portrayed is on a level many people cannot achieve. I wish you the best through this difficult time.
Tracey Peters
I too have lost a child to SIDS. My love, prayers and support are with this family. I am just an email away if you need to talk to someone who completely understands the pain you are in....❤
Cristie Poole
I'm so sorry for your loss. Ms. Lomas, I also sent you a private message on your facebook that expresses this if you'd like to read it. My heart goes out to you.