Mimi Veis
I needed a babysitter one day but instead got a second mother for my daughter, Mira. Kuku and Paul even watched her for 2 weeks while Bryan and I went on our honeymoon. Kuku insisted on throwing me a bridal shower when I mentioned I wasn't having one because the entire wedding party lived out of state. It was Kuku who took care of Mira when she had a meltdown during the wedding ceremony. When Kuku and Paul moved to Chicago, we'd always make sure we visited when we were in town. Sadly, as usually happens, we didn't see each other as much when they moved back to D.C. You always think you'll have more time. But when we did see each other, Kuku and Paul were always the same loving people. Our hearts go out to Paul, Hope, and Adam
Alice Buzanis
Kukula was one of my dearest and sweetest friends. Although I haven't seen her for quite sometime she has always been in my thoughts and in my heart. I met Kukula years ago. Kukula was the most loving and giving individuals I ever met. Her heart was always big and her love for her family and friends was always selfless. The beautiful person she was shines in the beautiful children she raised and the wonderful husband she left behind. I will miss her and send her family my deepest condolences and ❤️ love during this difficult time.
Timothy Noah
In moments like these I sometimes listen to Kurt Weill's "Lost in the Stars," a heartbreaking song from Weill's musical adaptation of "Cry, the Beloved Country." This instrumental version, from 1985, is my favorite. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3B8cvPK3FG0
Greg Garcia
It is just too difficult to accept that such a warm and generous soul could be taken from Paul and all of us so prematurely. Our memories of the many delightful and festive times with her will remain forever vibrant and we will miss her. For everyone she touched she left behind a Kuku-brand smile and hug.