Meghan Fahey Garlow
One of the last times we were blessed to hang with this amazing woman. Thanks for always bringing the light. We love you Suzanne💕
We want to post a note of thanks for the impact Suzanne made as a teacher at Q300. She loved music and the students and my son loved her back. We are so sorry for the family's loss. We appreciated knowing her. In sympathy, James and Ali Granshaw
Heather McCormick
Dear Suzanne,
That wonderful smile. It’s what I see when I think about you. It’s impossible to think of you without remembering your radiance, your warmth, your laugh, and your unique infectious enthusiasm. With tears on my face, I am so grateful to find those things all over this page, in the pictures and words of all the people who miss you so, so much.

We didn’t see each other often, but it always felt special when we did. I think that was your secret talent. You had a gift for making people feel that you were especially glad to be with them. Thank you for making me feel special too. The truth is that you are the special one—and a simply unforgettable dear girl.
❤️❤️ Heather Jane
Janice Veal-Morris
I guess I have been kinda avoiding posting a tribute here because I am having difficulties talking about Suzanne Davenport in the past tense. Simply because it seems so unfathomable that someone who was so larger then life is no longer alive. And quite simply it seems just so very wrong.
Suzanne was able to make your heart sing , make your heart smile and then the best part was she could make all our hearts laugh out loud as well.
I have been blessed to have meet Suzanne thru her husband Scott. Scott and I worked together for many years at a company we we both no longer work for. In fact it been more then I think 9 years since we worked together . Scott and I met about 17 yrs ago and right now my heart is all but breaking for him.
Scott and Suzanne story is what they use to call a great love affair. They were not only husband and wife but the best of friends to boot.
It was always a joy to be with them,
It seems theirs was such a good story , a story worth sharing and a story I so wish went on for so much longer. But with sadness it ended way to soon.

I will share with you Scott and Suzanne are two of my favorite people in this world. I can remember clearly the day after Scott met Suzanne. He couldn't stop smiling the whole time he talked about her... . It was clear to to me that this was no ordinary meeting of two people. This was special. Scott never really raved about someone he just met , especially a girl for that matter.
Yep , Scott was was smitten for sure. If you were to ask me he fell in love either right then and there if not then it was not long after. And the great part for was me was I then was gifted with a new friend as well.

Every one knows every day life can take you away from your friends now and then. But the dear friends are the ones who you might not see for ages but when ya do it's like you were together yesterday. Scott and Suzanne were that to me and very dear to me.

Suzanne never minded if Scott and I went out on a drinking sessions that could either be quick or go way to long. She even smiled if we showed up a wee bit tipsy after. Well maybe tipsy is an understatement .

Fun was always had when you were with Suzanne . She could light up a dark room in a very short time.
Any one who met Suzanne and was blessed to have her as a friend knew how Fabulous and important she made her friends feel. We were
all very lucky to have such a positive and wonderful soul touch our lives.
Suzanne brought so much happiness and love to all those around her. From her husband to family ,friends , her students , her many many musician partners and don't forget the Tapirs. I can't forget to mention her audiences and fans who all of the above are most likly part of.
She was an amazing musician and shared it with so many. How this little person carried so much equipment from palace to place is another amazement I always had with we're her . The first of which is I will never know how she did it all and how she made it all seem so easy .
Kinda like a super power of ya ask me.

I am so grateful to have met her and to have been be one of her many many friends. I am also so grateful that Scott and Suzanne met and were able to enjoy a life together. That they were able to travel the world together , to go on many adventures thru the years .
Although my heart breaks for Scott and this terrible loss he is going through and I so so wish she was with with him right now .
I am sure he will agree with this ....
We are all just a little bit better off for having known Suzanne . I'm sure all that knew her would agree as well .
As a tribute to Suzanne we should all be a bit kinder to each other and share a smile and laughter with each other like she did constantly.
Our life story was all the more the wonderful while Suzanne was here !
Amen to all that Jan Veal!
Karen Hudson
Suzanne preparing for a concert.
Karen Hudson
And one more tune of ours in which Suzanne Davenport really shined! The sense of urgency, the sound of running off the tracks, always fun to hear her play. She was a true artist and a good friend.
Karen Hudson River Trio "Mama Was A Train Wreck" Tribes Hill Kindred Folk October 2016.
Karen Hudson
Jim Petrie and I are so sad to lose a good friend and talent we have had the privilege to work with over the past two years, Suzanne Davenport—in which the 3 of us played classic country from the 40's-70's, some Irish fiddle tunes, and tunes of mine in which Suzanne Davenport really shined!
I saw her first play at Jalopy--she "sat in" with Bobtown, and in her classic style, arrived on scooter--hopped up on stage and jammed out with them on a tune. I loved her spirit and personal style. We met afterward, and decided that someday we should work together—she laughed! "Really? I didn't even play a whole song! I just jumped on stage!"

We were so fortunate to practice at her conservatory-like music room in Harlem. When we got there, she would make the coffee (espresso) her special way--adding some nice frothy milk on top, shaped like a Tapir! She loved playing at the Rodeo Bar with my band, and equally loved the the Irish bar gigs with Karen Hudson River Trio, especially at An Beal Bocht Cafe. She was fearless, loving and creative through and through.

She was a true artist and a good friend! I will miss having her jovial presence at my left side, and hearing her and Jim's trading off of parts, making real, good, honest music together~ In this video we made for NPR's Tiny Desk concert, our inside joke was that the dustbunnies on my socks were courtesy Suzanne Davenport! She loved pointing that out with a big laugh. We had a lot of fun, were really just starting to get to know eachother on a deeper level, and we/I will truly miss her. ~Karen Hudson
Bob Goldberg
last i saw suzanne was at a workshop at brooklyn conservatory - she was very excited about going to the tapir symposium, and we were talking about how she would present the tapir songs that the all-stars have been writing.

we had done a few gigs over the years - she played cello (shoulder version) in my accordion marching band one halloween, and we'd done some weddings and parties, playing french musettes and khatchaturian's sabre dance.

it was always fun to see her at workshops - she brought such energy and ideas to everything.
Robin Jaffe-Murin
I became friendly with Suzanne when my 8-year old daughter starting taking piano & violin lessons from her. She was the most patient teacher I have ever experienced & given my music background @ Performing Arts H.S. that is not easy to find. The irony is that I was going to call her last week to accompany me w/ my opera studies. I really loved Suzanne and cannot even begin to know how to express my grief. She was a very special woman. I won't forget her. Robin Murin
Elaine Yau
The Violin Femmes were born from Suzanne's creative genius and amazing ability to bring people together. Suzanne explains why our string quartet often played on the streets, or in the subways, in this rare interview here :
Karen Hudson
This is fantastic ladies! Hugs to you all!
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