Elaine Yau
Suzanne Davenport is absolutely radiant. Watch this to the end.
Alex Butler
Her energy, enthusiasm and goodness were palpable and infectious. The moment I recall her presence, I feel it again. It keeps burning like a little ember in all of our hearts. If anyone is immortal, it’s Suzanne.
Melissa Cecchine
My condolences to Scott and family and other friends. Suzanne was a bright light so full of life and energy. I just adore her. I think we adored each other which is such a beautiful gift. She said I inspired her to change her wardrobe to me more feminine and she looked a gorgeous goddess the last time I saw her. I am deeply saddened and shocked. It has me realize how precious life is. Suzanne I know you are beaming that big smile and energy into us. Right back at ya sister. Love you. 💗✨
T. Kevin Sayama
I met Suzanne only once just a few days ago: it was funny that we both thought we'd met before, but most importantly, truly believed that. I am so sorry to have had only that one time to inhale and take her in, but am grateful for that one moment (that included an impromptu performance of her and her troubadours in my friend Alicia's living room, on Halloween eve no less!)

I'm grateful because she clearly was one of those people in the world who can make anyone feel like one's known her forever, but that I probably believed that as that spirit anyone would recognize immediately: freedom, joy, warmth, and the goodness that we can all be if we find that strength and belief.

I'll miss her even if it was just for that one meeting. I'd say rest in peace, but I believe she'll bring more to wherever she is and I look forward to when we're all there and we can join her party again.
T. Kevin Sayama
And I forgot to add that the singer was someone they just met on the street on the way over...
Tara Carbo
Suzanne, you are brilliant energy, unwuenchable smile and a powerful inspiration. Thank you for all you have been for this world, all of the lives you have touched and all of your amazing and beautiful love and energy. Thank you for helping me feel like I belong. Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for living your purpose. I love you. ❤️
The famous tapir hat!
Karen Hudson
So wonderful!
Anya Szykitka
In April 2016, right around the time of the first Tapir Aid Concert, Suzanne learned that the Tapir Specialist Group had named a wild tapir after her! Here it is, being released with its special collar.
What an honor!
Liz Taub
Condolences to family, friends and students. I was privileged to perform at April's Tapir fundraiser, thanks to Suzanne's invitation to join her and her wonderful musician friends. I'm sorry I only recently got to know her beautiful essence. Truly inspiring person. Her spirit lives on in all who knew her! Love, Liz Taub
Suzanne celebrating my wedding at Tout Va Bien in 2008.

Our husbands are best friends and so I saw her occasionally at various events (mostly sports or bar related!). She was an accomplished musician and game for anything! When I worked at the Brooklyn Museum, I hired Suzanne to play for an upper-level member tour of the Conservation Lab. The tour started in the Museum's service elevator, which was the size of a Manhattan studio apartment. The elevator creeped slowly up to the six floor and the attendees wondered out loud about this charming woman playing beautiful music. It was first for Suzanne and everyone present: Live Elevator Music!
Suzanne in Switzerland with a large, beautiful rabbit.
Anya Szykitka
Every time Suzanne came over to my apartment, the first thing she did was say a long hello to my bunny, including offering her treats. She was so excited about the rabbits in Switzerland and also sent this photo.