Shan Lee
Julie, I know you're in a better place, fully restored and free from suffering. In your 5 years post diagnosis, you have left a huge impact in so many of us who have or are going through this awful journey. Despite how awful it has been for you, you managed to speak so well for all of us, and express our emotions and deep inner thoughts. For me, diagnosed at 29, you helped me understand my own fears and feelings, and to remind me that not only am I not alone, my fears and emotions were normal. You've inspired so many, and you will continue to do so. You will live on in our hearts and our memories, and we will continue to fight in your honor.
Josh, you wrote about Julie so eloquently, passionately, and managed to describe such a multi-faceted, deep woman to a tee. She was blessed to have you in her life, as you and all of us, have been blessed to have her in our lives on any level. To Mia and Isabelle, your mom may no longer be with us physically, but her essence, what made her Julie, is here and she's with you every moment from here on out. Because I know she won't allow herself to miss one note from a violin, one giggle, or one tear to be comforted. You will feel her amazing energy around you.
You, the rest of her family, and her friends are in my prayers. The world lost a light, but the heavens gained the brightest star! ❤️❤️❤️
Jeannie Moore
The first time I heard Julie speak was at a conference at Georgetown and remember thinking how young she was, how smart she was, how articulate she was. I was so impressed. I got to know her via social media. I knew she was going to have an impact on this disease. I am so sorry she died. She has left a legacy to all who read her blog. The void is huge for her family, but I hope the memories fill it and you always feel her love and spirit with you. "The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain." Khalil Gibran Thinking of her sweet family with love and tender thoughts
Jo-Ellen De Luca
Julie was loved by each of us. We enjoyed being together for colon cancer meetings whenever possible. Julie's book will inspire us even more! Love and peace goes with you, Julie!
Nicoletta Lucci
Julie, I'll read your book. I'll think of you. I'll talk of you. I'll get other people to know your story. So you are not going to really die. As long as you are going to be read and thought and loved you are going to stay alive. I promise. Love you, Julie. Keep you and the girls and Josh in my thoughts and prayers as long as I live. Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for all. Until we meet again. Ciao, Julie. ❤️
Ronnie Hoffman
Good times in Austin Texas! Julie you will be truly missed by every person who ever had the privilege to meet you. Prayers and Love to all your family. Ronnie
I miss my baby sister so much.
Shivon Lavely
My heart goes out to you. I just finished your sister's memoir and her words touched me deeply. She expressed herself in such an honest way with exceptional clarity and detailed descriptions. She was so strong and her love for you and the rest of her family and friends was fierce. You will be tethered to her with love forever.