I remember the first time I had an opportunity to spend time with Amit. It was at the YPO GLC | Edge in Los Angeles. We had both arrived early - and it was one of my first "big" YPO events. Amit grabbed me and suggested we catch up and get to know one another a bit better. I'll never forget how welcomed he made me feel and how infectious his smile was. He'll be sorely missed.
Jay Whitehead
Amit and I wrote The Post Carbon Economy together in 2009. The phrase was his. He loved surfing the front edge of trends. It was great sharing his waves. Jay Whitehead
Amit was such an amazing person who always brought positive energy to any room he entered. He could even make sitting around all day at our kids' chess tournament an enjoyable experience. While I knew Amit mostly from our kids' school events, SCEF functions, and parties (this photo was taken at my wife's 40th birthday party), we also crossed paths in business. Amit was an Executive in Residence at Norwest Ventures, which is one my company's largest investors. So, I spent much of the Norwest holiday parties chatting with Amit about business, but more importantly about life. He loved Lorena, Connor and Brandon so much. Amit has inspired me to focus on the moments, and find time out of my business schedule to spend more quality time with family...and friends. Rest in Peace Amit. I hope they had a nice bottle of Cabernet up there ready for you...
Amit was a dear friend to Anastasiya and I and was always someone that I could learn from and share challenges with. I have an amazing memory of him with the family when we did a trip up to St. Helena with his two boys, we drove in a convertible around all the twisty roads pushing the traction limits through the mountain roads. It was a blast and the kids had so much fun. Amit - you will be missed.