Julia schwadron
I lived with Matt and Jude post grad school at Tyler where Jude was my beloved professor. Little did I know that Matt would teach me just as much from being his friend, volleyball teammate, colleague, football art ref, and pseudo-little sister. He even held up my chair high in the air during the horah at my wedding. I can't encapsulate the depth of love I have for him, but I'm sure we all know it well. To know him is to love him has never been more true for a person. Love you, Jude, and all of you.
Jody Culkin
Matt was a wonderful artist and a great person. And he was very, very funny. I remember spending many an after party during the 90's talking with him about his beloved Chicago Bulls. Much, much love to you, Jude.
Michele Araujo
So lucky to have had this time in Lisbon with Matt & Jude.
Ann Rosen
Jane Gilmor
Laura Miller
Our love and admiration to you, Jude. We have lost a beautiful artist and a stellar individual. Our Williamsburg community was lucky to have him.
Tod Lippy
I had the pleasure and honor of working with Matt in 2013, when he allowed us to publish an excerpt from his brilliant memoir "Relatively Indolent but Relentless" in ESOPUS 19. It wasn't long after he had made it through an unbelievably brutal period of radiation treatment that I'm certain would have defeated most people. His spirit, his courage, and his creativity have inspired me deeply and I am so sad to have to say goodbye. But we still have his example and of course his artwork, like this fantastic drawing he made for an ESOPUS invitational back in 2018. Deepest condolences to Jude and his family. Love, Tod
Brent Wahl
Visual Studies 3Dimensions: Time and Space, 2013. A rapt audience, from a class project, called the Gift. Matt would never have recognized this, but he was the gift.
Jeremy Jirsa
I will always cherish our studio visits or hanging out at first friday openings. Your relaxed demeanor and inquisitive questioning is a trait i hope to bring to my own classes. A mentor, gentle human and a fierce friend. I miss getting lost in our studio chats, talking about life, sharing stories. Knowing you has made me a better person and your drawing class was one of my favorite experiences not only at Penn but in the entirety of my academic career. You will be forever missed 🖤 but will continue to live on with every life you have touched.
Judy Richardson
Matt and Jude are some of the most decent people I’ve ever known. We were studio mates for 10 years in early Williamsburgh days of crack vials all over the front stoop and not much on Bedford besides the Salvation Army. They would walk their dogs through my space to get outside and I would hide behind a pillar to keep away from that scary one, Krypton.
They were forever good-natured, encouraging, smart, and downright nice. Matt was playing volleyball and making his lumpy sculptures. Jude was welding and casting and playing drums. The dog Sparky ate a video tape because it just kept coming out of the cassette. I would return to find my clothes and shoes gone. The dogs had taken them into the other room because they missed my smell. 19 Hope St. was where we all listened to Anita Hill testifying on the radio. We figured things out about our work and were grateful to know each other.
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