Dan Carleton
The Gorilla's Entrepreneurship class was a true gift. I learned critical skills, such as how to negotiate. I met leading business minds from around Cleveland. And I learned that having an amazing and loving family and wife trumps all. His stories of dates with The Beamer, such as taking the scenic route out to Vermilion and having a romantic dinner at a restaurant on the river, continue to inspire me to be a good husband, and to enjoy every moment. My sincerest condolences go out to the Osborne family. The entire Cleveland community is blessed to have been touched by such a wonderful man.
Arianna Popovics
The Gorilla was the most influential, inspiring professor I was lucky enough to have. His consulting course taught me so many practical lessons that I use everyday in my career. You could tell he truly cared about each of his students. "PMA (positive mental attitude), be likable, and smile." RIP Gorilla.
Carl Baum
Be likeable
Always have a positive mental attitude.

Those were Gorilla's 3 big gifts. and he lived those every day.
David White
Gorilla taught our capstone MBA course in 1994; which sent our class into the world confident, capable and ready to tackle any challenge. His combination of experience, humor,and charisma made Gorilla everyone's absolute favorite. After graduation, Richard and I maintained contact through both work and, later work-OUTs at Summa in Hudson. He was a remarkable man who left an indelible mark on the lives that he touched.
Hussain Alkhamees
Very respectful gentleman and so energetic and interactive professor. I am sure that all his students from all over the world still admire him.
Anna Yelkina
Gorilla was the best professor I had in any school. His personal stories, williness to pay attention to every student and coach them, as well as bring awesome speakers in to share their business experience made his classes the most engaging and interesting. His stories were very inspirational, he not only motivated students to be better, he made us raise our expectations of ourselves to a whole another level. I am honored to have been his student.

Anna Yelkina (Ice Dancer)
MBA 2009
Jeremy Morrow
Today I was greatly saddened learning about the passing of the most influential and most inspiring teacher I had the privlage of meeting. There has not been a year that has gone by that I haven't shared his stories regarding how much he truly cared for his students. The lessons I learned I have carried with me and shared with others. I remember speaking with him regarding missing a couple classes due to work trips and he said you will need to drop the class. Having taken one of his classes before, I knew this was not an option for me and had to adjust my work schedule because missing his class was not something I was willing to give up. My thoughts and condolences to his family. You will be greatly missed.
Barış Biçimseven
I am deeply shaken by the loss of "Gorilla". He was the best and the most inspiring teacher that I ever had. I still remember the most of the things he taught as he promised. I bow respectfully before his beloved memory. I am sure he will always be remembered by the Weatherhead Community. My deepest condolences to his loved ones.

-Burma Shave-

Turk-MBA 2007
David Swiatkowski
Professor Osborne was one of the most influential and definitely the most unique professors I have ever had. His personal stories from his life taught his students more important lessons than any EBITDA conversation. To have big CEOs come in every week at his request to speak to the students shows how professionally respected he was. Taking the time to meet personally with every student just to discuss life (not just how you are doing in his class or your degree, but life and love and happiness) speaks volumes of the character of this man. Anyone that knew him could go on and on, and I am sure we all will. Long after these posts, his name will still be talked about with great passion and respect. Thank you, Gorilla.

David "Big Daddy" Swiatkowski
WSOM MAcc 2013
Dhanesh Shah
Professor Osborne taught his students some very important life lessons in his class, lessons that will always guide my personal and professional journey. I'll always carry the deep respect and admiration I have for him and positively impact life of others as he has impacted mine. Thank you!

Dhanesh Shah
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