Shilpi Shah
Shilpi Shah
Karen Steenekamp
Brotherly "luv" and love.
Rhiannon Gelner
Karen Steenekamp
Thank you for sharing Franklin's baby photos. Do you have more to share?
Julia Weingardt
The Ambassador 12/2/16
I can’t believe I find myself turning back the page, remembering you my dearest friend, my wise and clever sage
I giggled like a child when my eyes first met yours; the one and only Franklin who I love and adore
My face a glow, you are state of the art, interconnected with you; heart to heart
Your energy, the gentle breeze that makes the weeping willow sway
Your spirit strong and mighty lifts me up, up and away
Your love, a melody of kindness; magical and enchanting
Your heart a grandiose mountain; that always finds me dancing
How I loved to kiss your silly nose and stroke your piggy ears
But belly rubs are what you loved the most, bringing me to tears.
You loved the songs I sang to you and sometimes you sang along
You whispered to me late last night that you will never be gone
Although your body is tired now and I know that you must rest
Your spirit will always linger here as you are a cut above the rest.
For you are now an ambassador my friend and your kind and gentle soul we will feel in the wind
As your memory is a garden blooming with abundance, I hear your sweet and precious voice and know you are among us.
Your home is here and will always be; your body is fading but heart is with me
An ambassador of hope and an ambassador of peace guiding us all down the road of compassion, planting seeds of peace.
I will never forget you Frankie.
Karen Steenekamp
Franklin enjoying his toy on September 12, 2016./Users/ksteenekamp/Desktop/
Shilpi Shah
Beautiful. Love it!
Monika Bunting
By Monika

You lay, still but not silent-
Frankin, our friend
Head lifting as we greet you
A smile, from your heart
To ours.

Your curiosity, intelligence,
wisdom , ability to listen
And forgive
Greet us in the early
Morning and into
The growing darkness
Of each day.

Your snorts, covered
With mud, basking in the
Summer sun with curled and
Wagging tail.
You are part of the world
I wish to be in-
The world we belong too
Equal in status and measure.
This is how I will remember you
As the darkness and days roll by.

Your heart carries
The weight of your body,
Your past a symbol of human greed
Yet your soul is boundless
Soon singing, it will be
Lighter, stronger,
Soaring through the skies
And running through the fields.

Frankin, my friend
A brave and valiant friend
I will miss you.