Your exemplary leadership encouraged us to listen to our hearts, follow our dreams and see a rainbow of possibilities. Thanks for being a wonderful mentor to so many of us. I will always treasure the memories we created together as we traveled to South Africa and your gracious invitation to several us to be research assistants for the Minnesota Census of Women in Corporate Leadership project. You r leadership with the MAOL program truly reflected “ubunto”—sharing yourself with others, caring for those around you. Namaste, Audrey Lukasak (MAOL Alum 2015)
Rebecca, for the rest of my days I will cherish our journey together: co-creating and co-leading the South African course--the Cultural Context of Leadership; our work with Global Minnesota, and the many women leaders we have met through the International Visitors’ Leadership program.

For years you have inspired me through your passion for teaching; your belief in the power of education; your high academic standards; your positive outlook and energy; your commitment to every student; your bold vision of what can and should be; your efforts to uplift the voices, values, and wisdom of women leaders; your dedication to helping those leaders to grow; your graceful presence; and your willingness to take on the some of the dominant forces that diminish women in general and women of color in particular. You embody not only the tenets of the program, but what’s underneath them: the relational impacts we have on others—the Xhosa and Zulu meaning of ubuntu: "My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together."
I look back at my years at St. Kate's in the MAOL program, with gratitude and admiration for Rebecca's gracious leadership as a role model, mentor and teacher. Her encouragement and wisdom provided inspiration for my final MAOL project on "the challenges women leaders face while navigating life's transitions." As Rebecca's journey continues outside of St. Kate's, she sets a precedent for those in leadership. As tribute, from my project's last slide; "Women leaders in the labyrinth of transitions undertake a difficult and rewarding journey. They have the ability to initiate a new order, to gain a new perspective, to be innovative and creative and to change the course of their lives and organizations. They can self-reflect, challenge internal competencies, raise their self-efficacy and overcome fear of the unknown." © 2013 From her time at St. Kate's, Rebecca has certainly done just that.
All the best to you and the journey ahead,
Jewl Ross-Madrid
MAOL '14
Sharon Radd
Indian Cooking Class:
Mary Jo McGuire, Louise Miner, Rebecca Hawthorne, Valerie Krech
Congratulations on your retirement from St. Kate's, Rebecca! You have always been an incredible model of the finest leadership in action, textbook and then some. Patience, calm, warm smile, brilliant, thoughtful, generous... and more. Your legacy lives on in the program and in the lives of all of the students and faculty who have had the pleasure of working with you. I know in this end is also a new beginning of wonderful opportunities. I will look forward to our paths crossing again in the future. Until then, take good care. And enjoy! With warmest regards, Paula GM
Rebecca, Congratulations on your retirement. You beat me to it. Thank you so much for inviting me to join the MAOL faculty eight years ago. The seven years I worked with you, your faculty family and your wonderful students were the highlight of my twenty-five years of teaching graduate level courses as an adjunct professor. From day one of my work at St. Kate's, your encouragement and support made me a much better instructor and, hopefully, a better experience for the talented MAOL students. Every aspect of the MAOL program is so impressive and such a joy to be part of thanks to your fantastic leadership!
Doug Eichten, Faculty Member
Holly Finch - I have two favorite memories with Prof Hawthorne through the MAOL Program at St. Catherine University.

My first favorite memory is during her leadership of the first South Africa Study Abroad Program during January 2015. Professors Hawthorne and Tilsen filled our daily agenda for two weeks including weekends (literally to the minute) with activities to visit with local leaders and activists from townships/districts, churches, schools, businesses, and sightseeing events. I love that we accomplished a balance of activities during the two weeks.

Like the South African leaders we met, Prof Hawthorne is courageous and relentless in her leadership vision and mission. She provided us first-hand education and leadership experiences through the study abroad program. This was an incredible approach for developing effective leaders and change agents.

I will look back at my study abroad experience in South Africa with admiration for Prof Hawthorne’s commitment and hard work to provide us the opportunity to meet with many South African leaders.

My second favorite memory shared with Prof Hawthorne is through my involvement as the Graduate Team Leader for the Mayo Innovation Scholar Program during Fall 2016 – Spring 2017. Prof Hawthorne exudes the leadership characteristics written within Kouzes and Posner’s, The Leadership Challenge.
Prof Hawthorne’s leadership style is beyond modeling the way, enabling others to act, and encouraging the heart. She is visionary, collaborative, and has the passion to strengthen others to be their best leader.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to get to know Prof Hawthorne outside of the classroom environment. During the preparation for the final research presentation at Mayo Clinic, Prof Hawthorne and I shared a ride to/from Rochester and a room at the Hilton Garden. We were inseparable for 24 hours. Little did she know what she was in for ☺Thank you for allowing me to chat your ear off about life and gardening.

Congratulations Prof Hawthorne on your retirement! I wish you many adventures and opportunities as you explore new landscapes and soil! Please stay in touch as you proceed with “repotting” yourself. I will miss your leadership and presence at St. Catherine University as our MAOL Director!

All the Best and lots of xoxo,
Holly Finch

Congratulations on your retirement! Thank you for all your patience and support during my time at St. Kate’s and beyond. You are a great role model for leadership with integrity! I wish you all the best as you enjoy the next phase of life.

Cabrini M. Jablon
MAOL '06
Hi - I am a member of the current Allina MAOL program. As fate would have it I was laid off from Allina in December. Rebecca made sure I could continue in the program even though I was no longer at Allina. This was important to me because I am taking this program with my daughter, still working for Allina. Thanks for your help. I am thoroughly enjoying the program and I look forward to getting my certificate in June. Congratulations on your retirement.

Linda Shay
Cynthia Bemis Abrams
I know of no one with the patience of Rebecca Hawthorne. No one! And I'd like to think we're all a bit more calm, more patient, as a result of her modeling the way!
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