Amy Sullivan
Given all our conversations about religion--and given her love of children--I think Kuku would enjoy knowing that her passing has led to many theological questions from our 3-year-old. He initially told me not to be sad because Miss Kuku would come back just like Jesus did. ("Oh, honey..." as she would have said.) He was then outraged to learn that people don't come back after they die, and wants to know what makes Jesus so special that he was the only one who got to return to earth after death.

So thank you, Kuku, for prompting fascinating and complicated conversations both during your time with us--and ever after. We love you.
Claire Iseli
I would far prefer that you not leave us so soon, but if you must, I wish you peace, no more pain, and the knowledge that so many of us will hold your memory in our hearts. And may your desk, piled high with books, always face the sun.
T.A. Frank
Thank you for being one of those who use their lives to spread goodness. I hope you can see how many people loved you. Also, I don't owe you a review, do I?
Nancy Roche
I would say thank-you for gracing our lives with your kindness and grace; we are greatly saddened by the loss of your presence but will all take a little lesson from your spirit, your generosity and your sense of humor and carry on. We will miss you dearly.
Lisa MacBain
Dear one, we hardly ever exchanged words and yet you inspired me. I watched you as I sang with the choir while you reverently served as an acolyte. I saw you help to set up and take down the elements from the altar as a part of the altar guild. You were a reader when one was needed. You served food when help was needed. You were were always there in faith and service and I miss you. May I not forget this important witness.
Shannon Brownlee
Dearest Kuku, Your beautiful, smart, talented children carry your spirit and your goodness, and all of us who knew you and loved you can't help but love them and want to support them and Paul in any way we can. We will miss you in countless small and large ways.
Mira V
That i'm so sorry I didn't keep in touch more with you, I talked about making so many more get together plans with the family and just let life get the best of me and never carried it out. I'm so so sorry you didn't get to meet my daughter she would have loved you and your smile so much. You have the best heart and so much love to give, you are a great role model for society and I only wish that my kids were able to be around you more so that your good spirit could rub on them. I am very lucky to consider you, Paul and the kids family. I love you always ~Mira
Jonah Blank
You made the world a much, much better place, Kuku.
...When my son asked where you are now, I told him you're watching over us with your usual smile.
Janice Huey
Dear Kukula, you had so much to give and not enough time to share all your love. All who knew you will remember and carry your beautiful spirit with them always. I wish you peace. Love, Janice
Sara Arbogast
My beautiful, loving, sweet and wonderful Kukula. What a privilege to be able to say we have been such close friends for all these years. Missing you every day, but will always find comfort in soooo many memories. Always in my heart, forever in my thoughts and loving you until eternity. Will continue to celebrate you, your life and beautiful spirit. BTW, you will happy to know that I promise to organize all the dishes in my dishwasher exactly how you instructed me, AND will continue to find those special sales at Lord and Taylor. Sweet dreams, my darling...
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