Amy Lambrecht
Kuku treated everyone with respect. When I first came to the Monthly, she was kind and generous with her time and her friendliness, but what I felt every time I interacted with her was safety and warmth. She was funny and irreverent (I had never heard of a Hind-Jew before!) but always fully in the moment and completely respectful of everyone. My life was richer because of the time I spent with her and with Paul.
T.A. Frank
During my first week working at the Monthly, about a decade ago, one of my first assignments as an editor was to whip a book review into shape, and I worked hard on it. It was just one of many things we all were working on, because closing an issue is always a sprint, and Kuku could have just said "thanks" or nothing at all about it. But instead she stopped by my office to tell me what a great job I'd done with it. It wasn't a grand or heroic deed. But it meant a lot to me, and it proved to be typical of her kindness and quiet thoughtfulness.
Bruce Clark
During the two years I lived in Washington (1997-98), Paul and Kuku were my best friends. Their house was a treasured haven where I could relax completely, be superbly fed and enjoy being a "theio" (uncle) to Hope and Adam. Kuku understood what it was like for me, as a busy single journalist, to set up a home of sorts in Washington which I had to furnish, equip and maintain. She knew that I was worried about my late brother's two children and asked caring and intelligent questions about them. She knew so many things without my having to spell them out. She had a rare combination of gifts. Warm and nurturing people can be naive in their perception of others; people who understand their fellows well can sometimes be a bit cynical and harsh. Kuku was warm, nurturing and extremely shrewd. She loved the Hellenic culture into which she had married, and her own Indian background gave her some deep insights into things Greek. I think she understood the Paschal light which illumines every church and every Greek household at least as well as most Greeks do. But she did not put Greece or the Greeks on a pedestal; she paid them the compliment of taking them seriously, and therefore not thinking they were perfect waxworks. A friend I treasured for her shrewd and knowing love.
Nancy Roche
Kuku made us feel special by doing things, like without hardly knowing me, buying a beautiful new dress for my 6 month old baby, "just because she had to". She shared coffee, she cooked for us and she took great care and loved our dog Santiago, who became the Glastris third child for a year or so (no disrespect intended). She was also there, with Adam and myself, as we had to make the difficult fast decision to put Santiago down.
Shannon Brownlee
I can't remember the first time I met Kuku, but I do know she was instantly interested—and interesting. She always asked about family first, work second. She remembered the things that bring Greg and me joy and in doing so made us feel like part of her warm inner circle.
Jane Sweetland
I will never forget walking into the Washington Monthly office for the first time and meeting Kuku. She made me feel so welcome. It began with a smile that could light a room, a handshake, shortly followed by a hug. Conversation was easy and though she brought intelligence and insight to any topic, she also brought curiosity, interest, and openness. I often think of Kuku when I meet someone new. She truly cared about me and my family and made me feel immediately comfortable being in that place and that time. That was Kuku’s gift to me, one that I plan to pass on.
Tina Manatos
Every time I saw Kuku she made me feel that I was a very special person in her life. Her face lit up and her warm smile engulfed me.. I have seen her do this to many people and it was always so genuine. Her love for her friends and family was unlimited.
She never complained about her health problems and you had to drag it out of her to learn how she was doing. She said it was so much more interesting learning about what others were doing.
Kuku was a pure delight! She was smart, funny, empathetic, and loving. What more could you ask for from a friend. She will be greatly missed by everyone who was lucky enough to call her a friend
Alice Buzanis
Kukula was one of my dearest and sweetest friends. Although I haven't seen her for quite sometime she has always been in my thoughts and in my heart. I met Kukula years ago. Kukula was the most loving and giving individuals I ever met. Her heart was always big and her love for her family and friends was always selfless. Kukula invited me over for numerous gatherings and always made me feel like family which we eventually became. She and Paul gave me the honor to baptize her beautiful daughter in the Greek Orthodox Church. ❤️
Jonah Blank
I first met Kuku nearly 20 years ago-- and from the very first minute she always made me feel like a member of the family.

When we first met, I had just moved to DC, and she & Paul welcomed me into their home for dinners, Greek Easter, the works. Over time, I saw her less frequently: I started my own family, with the usual overwhelming chaos. But each and every time I saw Kuku, she made me feel like I was greeting a sister or cousin I'd visited just last week.
Janice Huey
She always had time to listen and engage - it always seemed that her energy and love were boundless.
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