Jake mckelvey
Well the days go on and i sure miss you son,i speak with your brother everyday and he misses you too.jamie misses you so much...i love you and we are getting through this and will see you on the other side,give my love to all our family..
Jake mckelvey
Jacob logan jamie and i have just spent the last few days together talking about all the good and bad times, we miss you so much son, we love you
Jake mckelvey
Well your service was beautifull son,we all love and miss you dearly.
Melanie Neville
Jacob could put a smile on your face, I will miss him showing me what he learned to play on the guitar. Shine bright Jacob!!
Amanda Schneider
Sending lots and lots of prayers that god will help you in this time of need. RIH sweet ANGEL
Jake mckelvey
Just my way of saying hi son..love you.
Jake mckelvey
Michael Crouse
He was one of my best friends I couldn't wait tell 3rd period to workout with him and he was my first friend when I walked into the highschool I miss him so much
when I first met Jacob he really impressed me and I'm proud to say every time I seen him would say hello beyond that his mother is a great person and friend also I hate it for her loss of a son and the loss of a great friend to me RIP my friend fly with the Angels
Patty Andrews
Prayers and thoughts are with u all!! May God comfort y'all threw this sad time! He is a beautiful Angel 👼 in heaven ABOVE,where there is no pain & suffering!!!!!!!!
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