Patsian Low
Godspeed. May your light continue to shine on changemakers and unreasonable people who want to better the world.
Guido Verona
Pamela, it has been an honor to serve you. God speed.
Nidhi Thachankary
Pamela was so kind to me and she had no reason to be. She was so supportive, so encouraging and had so much faith in me I used to wonder what I did to deserve it. So many of the incredible things in my life now - Pratham, IBL, the Apprenticing with a Problem Scholarship, have all happened because I was blessed to have known this wonderful lady.
Thank you for your belief in me especially when I didn't believe in myself. You will be terribly missed.
Sean Cleary
Pamela was committed, dedicated, irrepressible - a true life force who has left the world a better place than she found it.