If you could send William a message now, what would you say?

Hope Glastris
I would tell him how much I wish he could be here, how much I wish he could have seen my mom's reaction to my weird haircut. I would tell him I think he'd be proud of me and that I think I've got a lot of him in me. I would tell him that I wish he could have met my partner, Matt. They would have loved each other.
Richard Harris
“If I had my life to live over again, I would elect to be a trader of goods rather than a student of science. I think barter is a noble thing.”
- Albert Einstein
You would have made Albert so proud had he known you...
I miss you-

Bill's Church: What Was His Role There, and What Did St. Nicholas Mean to Him?

George Glastris
Late in life, he and Mom were in the lobby of church, and Dad turned to Mom and said "This really is home.".

Like everything else, he was involved. At the Festivals he took on the job of walking around changing the bags in the garbage cans because 1) no one else wanted to do it, and 2) it gave him the chance to talk to people. He didn't want to be stuck behind the scenes cooking souvlaki.
We used to go together to St. Nicholas and we were sitting together with Angie. At the coffee hour, Bill was the center of the lobby. Everybody was coming to speak to him.
Paul Glastris

Bill's Business Career: How Did He Make a Living and What Mark Did He Make?

Paul Glastris
Bill was President and CEO of Glastris-Manning/Courtesy Checks, a St. Louis based company specializing in barter advertising.
The stracture of his business was very clever idea!!! Bill was very smart person and I always admired him. Once we went together to a 5 days businness trip. We went from St. Louis to Louiville, Memphis, Nashville, Cincinati, Indianapolis. We were not talking, only when we were spleaping. I was his driver and I had fantastic time with him.
Adam Glastris
I feel like he must have been the ultimate middle class small business man.
Paul Glastris
Here's something I wrote about working for my father and his business

What are your favorite photos or videos of William?

Adam Glastris
*Greets an old Indian lady*
"Oh, no english?
Do you speak Greek?"

What did Bill do during World War II?

Paul Glastris

Private William V. Glastris.

Jun 18, 2016

Paul Glastris
Dad had bad eyesight and was set to be declared 4-F at the recruiting station when he spotted a doctor he knew, a Greek, and asked him to intervene. The doctor took him to the commanding officer, whom Dad lobbied, saying he had cousins in Greece he wanted to save from the Nazis. The officer replied "son, you're in the Army." Dad trained in New York City to be an electrician. But instead of being sent to Europe, he was shipped off to a bomber base in New Guinea, where he worked as a barber.

Bill's High School Years: What was Memorable About Them, and What was the Southwest Group?

Paul Glastris

Who Were the Leos and Why Are They Smiling?

Paul Glastris

What Are Your Memories of Bill as a Neighbor? (Does He Still Have Some of Your Tools, or Vice Versa)?

If you pray, what have been the messages or requests in those prayers?

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