How did Adam affect other people?

Cindy Tuck
I have been told that he never met a stranger and would give anyone the shirt off of his back. He was kindhearted and had a beautiful smile that lit up the room!

Have you felt the presence of Adam in your dreams or prayers?

Cindy Tuck
Absolutely in my prayers!

Did Adam have a favorite pet? Have a photo of them together?

Cindy Tuck

Did Adam have any nicknames?

Cindy Tuck

Best photo looking silly?

Cindy Tuck
Carving the Thanksgiving turkey!

Anything about the cause of death that you want others to know?

Cindy Tuck
In my heart of hearts, I believe Adam was looking at the sunrise and not paying attention to what was in front of him...

What six words best describe Adam?

What's your favorite picture of Adam?

What did Adam dislike?

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