What have been the secrets to making it this far? Advice for others?

Stephanie Westfall-Sansom
Always keep talking to each other no matter what you are going through.
Never go to bed angry.
Date nights are a must.

What do you admire most about Joseph or Stephanie?

Stephanie Westfall-Sansom
The things I admire about Joseph is that he is always there for me. He encourages me in anything and everything I try and do.

What concerts have Joseph and Stephanie been to together?

Stephanie Westfall-Sansom
Tim Mcgraw
Shania Twain
Plain White Tees
Jason Allen
Googoo Doll
Thompson Square
Mark Wills

What are some of Joseph and Stephanie's favorite things to do together?

Stephanie Westfall-Sansom
We love to go on walks.
Go on family vacations.
And most of all spending time with our new little girl.

How did Joseph and Stephanie meet?

Stephanie Westfall-Sansom
We met through my roommate at church. Joseph first impression was that I was weird because I was sitting on my foot.
After awhile of getting to know each other we had a movie night at my apartment were we held hands across the back of the couch. Then we started dating.

What six words best describe Stephanie?

Who brings what to this relationship?

What are some of the best gifts received?

What's the silliest thing Joseph or Stephanie does?

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