Did Terry have any nicknames?

Stephanie Georgin
He’d get called by his first and middle name a lot. I know mama would call him Terry Lynn every time she talked about him. He was also called Papa.

What did Terry dislike?

Stephanie Georgin
Daddy would tell me the things that really irritated him most was people full of themselves. Show offs and finger pointers.

How do you plan to honor Terry's memory?

Stephanie Georgin
I talk about him often to keep his memory alive. I let people know how giving he was and how wonderful he could be. He had his bad days with alcohol and I don’t want people to think that was the real him. That was the side of him he battled with everyday. He fought to be a better man and I want him to be remembered for the goodness in him and the awesome man he was.

When and how did you first meet Terry?

Stephanie Georgin
He was my Dad! He was the best dad, my best friend. I could tell him anything and most of the time he’d be like a close girl friend. Lol. We’d share our secrets and sometimes he’d give to much info on things 😆. I miss our talks and hugs and yes sometimes the arguing too. Father and Daughter- not always eye to eye but always heart to heart. I knew no matter what happened, I could go to him about anything.

What made Terry happy?

Stephanie Georgin
I think he was the happiest just being his self! He was always happy when his grandkids would come see him or he’d come see them. He was always happy going out on the water to fish, clam, swim or just have fun. He was happy being a daddy! I loved seeing him happy because he would get a twinkle in his eye and his smile was so contagious. Seeing him happy, made me happy.

Did Terry have a favorite phrase or common mannerism?

Christie Day
I remember he would always tilt his head to one side while talking to him.

What was on the wall of Terry's favorite room?

Christie Day
Anything with Dale Earnhardt. Also some duck festival pictures.

What was Terry's favorite car?

Carlton Day
He liked his white 70’s Chevelle
His only car.

What were Terry's favorite jobs?

Stephanie Georgin
Daddy loved to paint.
Christie Day
He always did a wonderful job.
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