Brison Allmon

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What have been some of your happiest moments together?

Vicki Prater
Just being with him and his brother Keenan. Brison was seldom upset or sad. Sometimes he might have carried this trait to far, didn't always take things as seriously as I thought he should have. But I tended to take things to seriously . He has always made me proud. When he married and started a family was a turning point for him. He realized that his family was now the priority .
Ginger Allmon
Being parents 😍

Blue Lake Michagan

Aug 27, 2016

Vicki Prater
Dad and Mom are good to us. They have taken us on vacations and trips.our Dad is strong and oh yes, faithful. He teaches Ross and me how to play sports. He is very responsible. Some dads don't have jobs. So we're thankful our Dad does.
Vicki Prater
There have been many moments that we have shared between mother and son. One important moment was his birth. Being a mom was always a dream on mine. I thank God for choosing me to be his mother. Watching him grow and meet significant milestones.Being a big brother and looking out for Keenan as they were growing up. Going to school, learning to drive, graduating high school and becoming a husband and father.