Joseph Israel Willner

    • APR 04


    • JUN

      Moved to Israel

    • SEP 12

      Nephew Graham's Bar Mitzvah

    • DEC 01

      Murrow High School AIDS Quilt Guest Speaker

    • FEB 27


  • Born

    By Lisa Willner
  • Moved to Israel

    By Lisa Willner
  • Nephew Graham's Bar Mitzvah

    New York
    By Lisa Willner
  • Murrow High School AIDS Quilt Guest Speaker

    Broolyn, New York
    Edward R. Murrow High School in Brooklyn has the honor to be a temporary home for the panels from the AIDS Project Foundation and from Global Quilts International Prevention Initiative each year.

    His niece, Lisa, attended and joined an HIV/Activism club which organized the event.

    Joey came to share his experiences living with the HIV virus from 1996 till his death in 2001.
    By Lisa Willner
  • Died

    Joey died from complications of AIDS on February 27, 2001.

    He was 32 years old.

    He spent the last four years of his life as an HIV educator.

    This quilt was made by the family of his brother, Neal. His sister-in-law Anne put it together and each member of Neal's family added a picture or message. The below quilt was made by Edward R. Murrow's H.E.A.R.T Club in memory of "Uncle Joey".

    Joey's family misses him every day.
    By Lisa Willner