Gunther Emil Hodenberg

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If you could send Gunther Emil a message now, what would you say?

Lisa Willner
Dear Oupa,

I hope that wherever you are, you are smiling. Both in South Africa and the U.S.A you have family that continues to stand for LOVE, DEVOTION, & RESPECT.

Our family circle runs far and deep. Love remains at the heart of our family and we value our Jewish unit and the guidance, and support that you and Granny gave to our parents.

I hope you see the joys and challenges of all of us and know that we are largely in part thanks to you.

Miss you & love you,

P.S. You did an especially fabulous job on Mommy. I say this for her, because when she reads this she'll undoubtedly tear up and know that I had her in mind the whole time.