Jennifer Ta

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What are some of the kindest things Jennifer has done?

Katherine Lam
jenn is ALWAYS thinking about others- the list is too long to name! one of the kindest things jenn's ever done for me was surprise me on my birthday with photographs of my friends with birthday messages all floating on helium balloons!

(i have the picture on my old computer, but here is the pinterest version ;))
Every time she plans something to get everyone organize is always hard. With such a big group of friends i'm glad she is always up for the challenge. Without Jen I don't think i would of done the things I've done.
Raymond Young
There has definitely been a lot.... but the most recent one that comes to mind is over a recent Cultus Lake camping trip, she got a cake for Jono, Sandy and me to celebrate us for obtaining our licenses or finishing school. Like I said... that's just one of many.
Annie La
There are too many acts of kindness Jennifer has done in her lifetime to pinpoint exactly. Generally speaking though, she always goes out of her way to help a friend and she's known for investing a lot of effort, emotion, and time in her friendships, more than anyone I know.