Jennifer Ta

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What does Jennifer love?

Katherine Lam
organizing get-togethers!! (aka- feeding people, she's got good asian genes y'know)
Shirley Ly
Of course, her friends!! and food...
Should i write the typical viet stereotype? she likes money, nice cars, jeans, food. BIG HOUSES, but most importantly she loves her friends.
Raymond Young
Watching other people happily eat the food that she cooks... the key is watching because she'll watch you eat and not actually eat with you.

Here's a picture of rare occasion where she's at a table with us... haha. But it's all in good nature, she's always one to wants to make sure everybody's enjoying the food she's prepped.
Annie La
TNA tracksuits, rock and republic jeans and true religions LMAO -good ol days! oh oh and of course Eric :P