Jennifer Ta

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What have been some of your happiest moments together?

Katherine Lam
Unfortunately, I will have to write a book to talk about even half of our 10 + year friendship together! (i've started writing 10+ cuz its easier than doing than math xD) my favourite moments with jenn basically involves anytime jenn's over at my place sitting on a pile of my laundry, or i'm over at jenn's place eating some delicious bowl of pho her mom made, or we're having some hour long conversation at the parking lot in QE park :D
Katherine Lam
From ROSE: (it's a birthday poem!!)

Jennifer Ta has a beautiful soul,
With a stunning bod and a heart of gold.

Never have I met such a girl so kind,
So hard working with a thoughtful mind.

She treats her friends the absolute best,
Helping with broken hearts and dealing with stress.

I really enjoy our calls and skypes,
And awesome memories of Van and Vegas nights.

You've shown me how to open my heart,
And I treasure our friendship no matter how far apart :)

Happy birthday Jenn! I feel so lucky to have met such a wonderful girl like you. Miss you like Crazy!
Jackie Cheng
I was there for your fake convocation at UBC, it was my fakest, proudest moment of you.
Shirley Ly
The happiest moments we've had together were in high school. Jennifer is the most generous, caring individual I know to date and goes above and beyond for her friends. She's organized countless events throughout the years from casual late night hang outs at someone's house to driving around Stanley Park, BBQs at the beach, camping, baking mango mousse cake at her house and really any excuse, little or big, to get together. Above all, my favourite moments with Jenn are when we just lounge around and have hour long conversations about anything and everything.
Mary Gayle Masambal
-working together at Telus
-when she invited to me to her family Christmas dinner and I met her amazing friends one of who I have had the chance to work with at the clinic Kat !
-celebrating your freaking birthday clubbing and two guys had to carry you, Carlos saying I am glad she's Jen Ta instead of " ____-ta" LOL!!! <3
-listening to her make fun of me and my moments but deep inside I know it evens out with our <3 to <3 talks
-when we rang in the new years together I knew this year would be the best one yet to come !!!
-fairmont spa date!
Actually I don't remember, I knew Jen since grade 8 and theres been a lot of good moments and also bad moments but I saw your boob Jen so thats always a good moment ;)
Katherine Lam
This one's from Jono:

"kat told me to write whatever and didnt have to be witty so this is what i wrote"

Happy birthday!
Cari Lee
Seriously basically everytime you, me and E-Yung had a shift together at TD Lol, the best! And now everytime we hang out together because I know I'll be constantly laughing until I feel like I'm gonna have a heart attack 😂
Jessica Lee
How embarrassing was that? Singing (attempting to harmonise) and dancing in your living room with the other girls. Practice was the best part of it all because it brought me closer to you! <3
Stephan Weis
Late night, on David's team, just Jenn & I closing outbound together & she would ask me a million questions & it was a lot of fun actually. :) I miss her being part of our team & I miss her closing out the day with me.