Jennifer Ta

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What makes Jennifer laugh?

Katherine Lam
fart jokes.
Eric Yung
Hm... Definitely her own jokes. And her jokes are always funny. She knows how to tickle people at the right places. I still remember her "that's what she said" jokes back at the branch, gets me every time. Once you get to know her, you will find out there is no boundaries with this girl. Which makes her a very genuine and true person. Nothing can stop this girl. Hope you had a good one, Jen.

P.S. Sorry for the late post. Better late than never, I guess. =D *sweaty smiley face*
Jackie Cheng
Her own jokes.
Mary Gayle Masambal
-when people fail miserably in life Jennifer laughs and then she will talk to her girlfriends about it LOL which makes you the bestest friend anyone could have!
-when her life is in danger which i like to put her through because her life is not exciting enough for example driving to Kamals house in Rj's car LOLOLOLOL i am dying laughing about it right now because i know you will remember that Jen and will never forgive and forget hahahaha
-Eric makes you laugh and Gurminder as well ...<3
-teasing me about BABS
-me being racist hahahahah
definitely poop jokes and sex jokes. Even just looking at her and she'll start to laugh
Cari Lee
The sight of me makes you laugh 😛
Raymond Young
Annie La
Almost everything, she has a great sense of humor and never takes herself seriously which is such a great skill to have!