Jennifer Ta

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What's your favorite picture of Jennifer?

Katherine Lam
Because your grampy is bad ass with his beard and this is what happens when you get a selfie stick ;)
Mary Gayle Masambal
HHAAHHAAHA omg i have tons!!!!! one from vegas <3 OH also the one where people thought she was my sister from work. they're like omg you and your sister so cute celebrating christmas .. IM LIKE WHAT i have a sister?!!! WHOOOO? hahahaha
Jennifer just takes to many photos for me to tell your my favourite
Raymond Young
This is another good one from a Seattle trip back in 2013. If she looks like she's deathly afraid, she probably is because we were pretty high up on the Seattle ferris wheel. =)
Raymond Young
Haha... I wasn't there for this one but I think some of the other guys were and this photo was from a drive from Portland. This is definitely one of the funniest pictures ever of Jenn sleeping in a car. Because Jenn will take every opportunity she has to get a good nap in. Haha. =)
Katherine Lam
Actually this one because this is basically what 10+ years of friendship does to you :D
Katherine Lam
hehe just kidding. i also like this picture too <3