Michael Kanter

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What was Michael's favorite meal?

Erica Sherman
There were a few meals/menu items from a few places around the neighborhood (Park Slope/vicinity of Seventh Avenue and Ninth Street) that I remember him having a strong affinity for: 1- The steak au poivre at a restaurant called The Minnow (closed; Mike was very friendly with former chef and owner Aaron Bashy:; 2- The steak and sour cream fajitas at Happy Fresh Tortillas Grill, the Tex-Mex takeout place across the street from the Carriage House/Old Carriage Inn; 3- The Sauerbraten at Cafe Steinhof; and 4- Giant overstuffed burritos from La Tacqueria (closed). Plus, I remember he liked his eggs over easy, and black coffee. In later years, he also grew fond of Blue Point oysters from Johnny Mac's, something he had never eaten when he was younger.