Ben Lewis

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Any tips for the undergraduate?

Elizabeth Lewis
Remember to go to class! And sleep. And drink water. You'll be great.
Jay Kaye
Don't do anything your Uncle Henry wouldn't do.

What's your best memory of Ben?

Elizabeth Lewis
How do I even answer this? We have been stuck in the back seat together on too many family road trips to count. You were the first person (and probably the best person) I've ever played Harry Potter 20 Questions with.
Faye Lewis
I have so many memories. I do remember Ben maybe 2 or 3 at the beach digging in the sand just totally totally gleeful. Also Ben in a red parka playing with a truck probably on vacation somewhere, also very joyfully!

Share your best photo of Ben.

Elizabeth Lewis
This one's my favorite.
Faye Lewis

What are you proudest of?

Faye Lewis
I'm very proud of Ben for all his hard work and perseverance !

What do you think Ben will major in?

Elizabeth Lewis
My best bet is Sociology or Psychology, but I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up a History major.

Why is it significant?

Elizabeth Lewis
As the youngest and tallest of four children, it's crazy to see how much the family baby has grown up.

What are you celebrating?

Elizabeth Lewis
Ben's headed off to New Paltz. There, he will continue his nincompoop-ery and probably go to class sometimes.

What are the best photos and videos to capture this celebration?

Who were the most important people celebrating with you?