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What makes Silvee happiest?

Faye Lewis
She loves playing catch with anything.
Also she likes it when her human family speaks to her by howling and she howls back! Also she loves hiking (when it's not too hot) or at least did when she was younger. She would run ahead up and down hills and then run back to check on the slower walkers (me). And she loves her family.
Elizabeth Lewis
She loved a good old fashioned belly rub. She's also fond of cheese. One time she ate an entire burrito.
Faye Lewis
One time she ate an entire steak that my brother had lying on the counter waiting to be cooked!

If you could speak in Silvee's language, what would you say?

Faye Lewis
I'd say we love you Silvee!

What is Silvee's favorite food?

Elizabeth Lewis
She loves cheese. She loves meat. One time I tricked her into eating a portobello mushroom, but she hasn't fallen for my tricks since.

What is Silvee's most human characteristic?

Elizabeth Lewis
Her smile.
Faye Lewis
Also the way she looks into your eyes.

How did you pick Silvee's name?

Elizabeth Lewis
Silvee was originally named Silvia, but when we saw this jumping, excited puppy, we just knew her name couldn't be Silvia. So we shortened the name, but kept the meaning. Silvee!

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