Celebrating Max and the life lessons he gives us

By Jana Melpolder

Meet Max. He's a classy dog.

He's a lovable fur-ball you can always have at your side.

He shows us how to celebrate the holiday season.

He reminds us to keep cool and party it up in the summer.

(Note: But don't dare try to make him celebrate St. Patrick's Day.)

Max helps us to stay motivated and exercise each day.

And Max will always remind us how important it is to take naps. Often. Really just all the time pretty much.

He helps us remember to enjoy dessert - even if that means staring someone down to get it.

He helps us keep in mind the importance of taking sick days when it's most needed.

And in the end, Max reminds us to surround ourselves with love every single day.

All graphics made by the incredible Sarah M. found on Instagram at @sansseraph.

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Pet Memorial