Rachel Papert

Answer one question or many - using words, photos or other media.

What's your favorite picture of Rachel?

Elizabeth Lewis
I LOVE this picture. This was the day that we lost an Italian exchange student in Times Square (oops) and found these tube-y dresses. The dresses were not bought, and the exchange student was found safe and sound in the Disney store.

Write one sentence about each decade of Rachel's life?

Elizabeth Lewis
To be fair, I met Rachel in high school, so most of this is what I imagine Rachel's childhood to be. These also aren't completely sentences, but there you have it.
Birth - 9 years old: Exploring and reading and general silliness, oh my!
10 years old - 19 years old: Bands and bracelets and hair dye, oh my!
19 years old - present: Hungary and college and adulthood, oh my!

What have you learned from Rachel?

Elizabeth Lewis
Rachel taught me the difference between a dry and a wet measuring cup for baking, which I still don't think really matters, but I'm glad I have this knowledge.

What are Rachel's greatest achievements so far?

What makes Rachel laugh?

If you could offer a toast now, what would you say?

What's your favorite story about Rachel?

What are Rachel's favorite TV shows, movies, books, websites or music?

What should Rachel be when Rachel grows up?

Post a picture of an object or place and why it reminds you of Rachel?

What celebrities or public figures does Rachel like or admire?

If Rachel could eat only one meal over and over, what would it be?