The One, The Only, The Fabulous, Mary Jo Clardy

Please feel free to post pictures of your favorite memories of our beloved Mary Jo.


Mary Jo Clardy

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What will you miss most about Mary?

Lori Clardy
I will miss being able to reach for the phone and call her for advice and guidance.
Matt Richards
I will miss her joyful presence. She always had a smile for everyone.
I will also miss making her drinks.
Lori Clardy
This is a picture of the last page of the cookbook that Mary Jo made for me and her granddaughters. We have cherished this gift for years. Nevertheless, it seems so much more precious now. As I read through the recipes and the pages, I feel her spirit near me.

I love you and I miss you so much Mom.
Lori Clardy
I will miss all of the creative things she did to make us all feel special. Several years ago she created a cookbook for me and my daughters of her favorite recipes. What a beautiful gift! I adding a photo of the dedication page of the cookbook she made for us.
Kay Kennedy
I will miss the way she was so accepting of me and family. She talked about my life and was truly interested in me. She had a way about her that made you feel like you were so important. I will miss her caring acts and thoughts. She was a giver and was always ready to help. She also had good humor to share. Life was to be lived with happiness and strength. I will miss my Aunt Mary Jo. No one else can compare to her. She was truly one of a kind.
Lori Clardy
I will miss the sweet sound of my mother's voice. The following is a very rough interview that Janie did with Mary Jo not long before she died. I'm so grateful that we have a recording of her voice.

Oct 7, 2016

Nicole Nash
I miss absolutely everything about Mary Jo! I will miss hearing her voice, the smell of her house, the handmade birthday cards that always showed up on your actual birthday, and the way she made me feel truly loved! I have never met anyone as close to perfect as she was and I miss her divine presence in my life.