Ronald Kennedy

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Is there anything about end - of - life care that you want others to know?

Heather Kennedy-Plant
You can give your whole attention only when you care, which means that you really love.
– J. Krishnamurti

Saying Goodbye

Persons who are dying often want “permission to die” from those they love. Often, they want to be assured of five things:

- Things they were once responsible for will be taken care of.
- The survivors will survive without them.
- All is forgiven.
- Their life had meaning.
- They will be remembered.

Saying good-bye is not easy. Yet, it is important for Popa and his loved ones to do so. Take advantage of opportunities when your loved one is awake and communicative to facilitate the “saying good-bye” process.

Our Popa, Ronald Kennedy is loved and had a meaningful life and we are blessed to all have each other to support and continue our family's chain of love that started with the unconditional and continuous love from our Popa!

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