Jana's Travel Adventures Around the World

    • Worked in Ghana for a few months

    • Walked across a dry river to Burkina Faso

    • Graduate school internship in India

    • On assignment in Israel

    • On Assignment in Bolivia for World Vision

    • Family wedding in Austria

    • Vacation in Germany with my parents

    • Short stay in Italy

    • On assignment in Nigeria

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    Worked in Ghana for a few months

    I joined a Christian worship band in 2006 through a group called Youth Encounter. After spending time on tour in the United States, we were invited by the Lutheran Church of Ghana to come perform in schools, churches, and communities throughout northern and southern Ghana.
    By Jana Melpolder
  • Walked across a dry river to Burkina Faso

    Burkina Faso
    We were only in Burkino Faso for about 15 minutes, but it was exciting to walk with our local hosts to the new country while we were in northern Ghana!
    By Jana Melpolder
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    Graduate school internship in India

    I spent two months in India the summer between my two years in graduate school. During my time with a program called India Study Abroad I was able to follow doctors and nurses making house calls in villages. It also gave me the opportunity to work with an orphanage director as well as shadow Indian charity workers who ran community development programs in Mumbai.
    By Jana Melpolder
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    On assignment in Israel

    During this trip I was working as a writer and editor for, a multi-faith website. The ministry of Israel paid for another editor and I to travel to Israel and see a few of the sites. We were able to explore different Christian and Jewish sites, which was incredibly exciting because I am a Christian. It was a wonderfully peaceful journey in a spiritual sense, and I learned quite a lot about the political situation happening in that part of the world.
    By Jana Melpolder
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    On Assignment in Bolivia for World Vision

    6-year-old Arminda in Bolivia, whose family's fortunes were dramatically changed by the gift of pigs from World Vision's Gift Catalog. (Photo: ©2011 Jon Warren/World Vision)

    The Alegre family. (Photo: 2011 Deb Wolf)
    By Jana Melpolder
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    Family wedding in Austria

    Growing up my parents had a few exchange students stay with us. I was able to make it to the wedding of one of these girls (who is like a sister). She got married in Austria but is originally from Germany. It was a beautiful wedding, and I was so happy to be there with my parents and another sister.
    By Jana Melpolder
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    Vacation in Germany with my parents

    During our time in Europe, my parents and I were able to be tourists together in Germany for a few days. It was amazing to see the architecture as well as historical sites.
    By Jana Melpolder
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    Short stay in Italy

    This was a short two day trip to Rome, Italy so I could see the Colosseum and the Vatican. What a beautiful and old city!
    By Jana Melpolder
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    On assignment in Nigeria

    I ran workshops on social media and marketing for a television station in norther Nigeria called AREWA24. The workshops lasted a week - it was certainly not enough time to get to know the people of Nigeria! :)
    By Jana Melpolder