Penelope Mejia

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Why was Penelope's name chosen?

Carlos Mejia
That's a secret.
Carlos Mejia
after months of searching we decided on a bilingual name that would be easy for our parents to pronounce . the name is perfect since she was a little peanut when was born. She's our good luck Penny.

What are some of your best pictures of Penelope?

Carlos Mejia
Carlos Mejia
When Penny turned one this year, we took her to her first photo shoot.

What do you want Penelope to know some day about their parents?

Carlos Mejia
How much joy and happiness she's given us in such a short amount of time.

What's the best piece of advice you can give Penelope?

What are Penelope's key baby stats at birth? (Weight, height, etc.)

Describe the moment Penelope appeared in the world

Do you have a picture of Penelope with the oldest person in the family?

What six words best describe Penelope?

Write a note Penelope will see upon turning 5

Write a note Penelope will see upon turning 18

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What's your favorite picture of you and Penelope together?