Zohar and Sigal Hasson

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What makes Zohar and Sigal laugh?

Erica Korieocha
Basically anytime Zohar is acting a fool!

What's your favorite story about Zohar and Sigal?

Erica Korieocha
There have been so many great stories over the years. I'm gonna go back into the archives and say the time that I dressed up as Sigal's worst nightmare and chard her around a track!

What's your favorite picture of Zohar and Sigal?

Erica Korieocha
I think this question is best answered with videos...

What are Zohar and Sigal's greatest achievements so far?

Erica Korieocha
Zo's greatest achievement so far is taking the leap to move to DC as well as getting an internship at the HRC. Sigal's greatest achievement so far is pursuing her dream to become a teacher even though the road hasn't been easy. She is the embodiment of perseverance.

What six words best describe Zohar and Sigal?

Write one sentence about each decade of Zohar and Sigal's life?

If you could offer a toast now, what would you say?

What have you learned from Zohar and Sigal?

What are Zohar and Sigal's favorite TV shows, movies, books, websites or music?

What should Zohar and Sigal be when Zohar and Sigal grows up?

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What celebrities or public figures does Zohar and Sigal like or admire?