On living artfully and intentionally as embodied by Dr. Bruce Kramer

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Bruce admitted to being a first class "fixer" but he couldn't ALS. When is fixing YOUR default position? Are there other options that might bring greater energy and creativity?

Bill Kleis
It isn't about giving up. It's about deciding when it is time to turn it over to God if one is fortunate enough to be lucid. My friend, Tom O'Neill, died on January 30, 2016. He died from Kennedy's Syndrome, a "milder" form of ALS, which meant he could live a little longer. Tom met Bruce when he came to Rochester for one of his interviews with Cathy. He joked that being in a wheelchair for once was an advantage, because he was able to meet Bruce after the interview. Bruce asked him, "...what he had", and Tom told him. Bruce responded that he had wished he had that. It truely affected Tom. Tom and I met weekly at his home until we switched to the nursing home. When he moved to acceptance, he told me that each morning he picked the "next" family in his church pictorial directory and prayed for that family that day. This was a great alternative to fixing, and Tom found some fulfillment with it. Acceptance is more about letting go than giving up. I think that was Bruce's message with dis ease.
Sharon Radd
What a beautiful story and memory. Thank you so much for sharing this! It touched my heart today.