On living artfully and intentionally as embodied by Dr. Bruce Kramer

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Bruce asked himself, "What will you be from here to eternity?" If you were asked, how would you respond?

Deborah DeMeester
This painting was inspired by Bruce's comment: “Out of the emptiness that was once the surety of my life came the question, ‘What will you be from here into eternity?’” (p. 20) The water in which the subject stands washes away the illusions of control, fixing, and independence...

When the assumptions (known or unknown) on which you have built your life are washed away by life’s circumstances, the question that arises is “What will I be from here to eternity?” What will it take to get there for you?
Cathy Wurzer
That is such a profound question. I learned from Bruce that in the end, it's really all about love. Learning how to love and be loved.
Bill Kleis
It is all about love. Unfortunately, we can't love unless we allow ourselves to be vulnerable. I think life's journey for many of us is about getting rid of our sense of self-importance. For others, it might be about finding the next meal. As Mother Teresa says, it's when "You did it for ME." When that's our motive, I think we are on the right track regardless of the kind of poverty. That being said, I am really counting on God's mercy, because that's the only way I can see a good outcome after this thing called life. The faith thing is a battle. I certainly felt that part between the lines in the book.
Deborah DeMeester
Such questions open possibilities whereas sometimes we close creativity when we offer answers.