Juanita Jean Griffin

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What are your best memories of time together?

Kelley Griffin
Kelley: When I was little I was always fascinated by old, abandoned houses and barns, and I remember the time mom said she was fascinated by them and wondered what stories they could tell. It's my first memory of sharing a sensibility with a grown up, and I knew from then on our imaginations were traveling in similar circles when we saw these homes. I still pull over and get a picture of them when I can.

Also, my memories of mom "making" Christmas - the anticipation as she whipped up fudge and other sweets. I also remember special nights throughout the year, like when The Wizard of Oz was going to be on TV in October, and word went around among the siblings that mom would be making fudge.

Something harder to define was just the deep happiness I felt to have her near.