Juanita Jean Griffin

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Which chore did you dislike most as a child?

Kelley Griffin
Mom: "Dishes. It was hard the way we had to do them, a hard time keeping the water hot. We had a great big tea kettle always going on the wood stove. In the summer we had a kerosene stove to heat water. As long as June was home we'd do them together. We'd get into figst because one would accuse the other slowing down. I couldn't do anything else until I did the dishes. We tried not to tarry because if Mom had to tell us dad would get in the picture and all he had to do was say 'girls, get on that.' Wade didn't help but he would come in and twist up towels and snap them at us. If it got too bad dad would holler out one time and it would all come to a screeching halt!"