Juanita Jean Griffin

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Did you ever see mom scream?!

Rosalie Griffin
Ha! The first time I ever heard her curse was when Don was selling the shrimp boat in Corpus.

He came in the house and said, with that devilish grin: " Well Juanita, I got rid of that damned boat. The fella had a plane he traded me for it."

She looked at him with a disgusted look, and just shook her head and said: "Shit, Don. Just shit."

He laughed so hard I thought he would fall down.
Kim Griffin
Great story Rose!
Kim Griffin
I never heard mom scream but I do remember the first time I remember her cursing. It was a Saturday and Mom was trying to get the three little ones to clean their rooms. They, apparently, weren't really rising to the task. This was in the house on the hill. I was coming upstairs from the basement. Mom was flying down the short flight of stairs from the second floor. "Little shits" she was uttering tightly between her gritted teeth only loud enough for me and her to hear it. She flashed a quick and slightly guilty glare at me as she flew past me to head down to the laundry room. I was only mildly shocked but yet it sticks as a memory for me. I remember thinking that it was the first time I had heard her curse.