Noel Stubbs

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What made Noel happy?

Cindy Holmgren
Being in or around the water. When he went swimming, he transformed into a younger man. It made him lightweight and buoyant of both body and soul. He was prone to breaking out in song in the pool as a result.
Linda Fries
Talking about his practice and the joy it gave him to be able to help people in pain. The love of water, he couldn't get enough swimming. He was being helped with a trainer and was told to take it easy in the water. Once he got into the water he took off running! Pain free and light as air. He loved it. He loved singing also and sang beautifully. So much knowledge of the bible. A very gifted and smart man.
Doris Stubbs
Noel loved to talk about his love of God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. He studied the bible everyday, and prayer was a way of life for him.
He had extensive knowledge about biblical matters, and a large library of Christian books, but what was foremost was how he allowed Christ to change him, working in his life until the day he passed into the presence of our Lord.
Noel had powerful singing voice, and worshiping with him was a very special experience.