Paula Denise Stephenson

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If you could send Paula a message now, what would you say?

Darlene Ledford
Sister I still miss you so much to this day. I love you so much. I have talked with the boys I wish you were here to talk with them also. They love you so much.
Mary Beauman
I wish we could of gotten to know each other better. I love all the stories I'm hearing about you! We will have a laugh someday! Love you.
Justin Zeiger
I'm sorry mom I know you loved me and Zach and cared about us. understood and forgave us. Don't worry you rest easy I'll watch after my brother. Love you.
Laney Stephenson-Peters
Thank you, Justin. Beautifully said
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How would Paula most want to be remembered?

tiffany hillman
She would like to be remembered as she was, a spitfire of a woman with a heart as big as her personality.
Laney Stephenson-Peters
Darlene Ledford
She was my Louise to Thelma and Louise. I love you my baby Sister
tiffany hillman
Laney Stephenson-Peters
I Love this picture! i took this one at Daddy's when she came to visit. We all took turns wearing those "Gilley's" shirts Uncle Mack brought back from Texas!
Darlene Ledford
My sister with her children and Grandbabies and brother and sister... We love you and you are forever in our hearts.

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