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What's your favorite tool?

Steven Waldman
That's like choosing amongst your children! But if you're forcing me, I really like the LifeQs. It helps extra stories and photos from people in small bites, so it's a great way to get started without feeling like you have to be comprehensive. Also, it was kind of a blast writing the questions.
Ned Berke
As an editor, I love the timeline. It's so easy to use to outline information. That frees me up to do something more specific or anecdotal with the essay if I choose, but also puts all the key info out there in a clear way.

But as a user? It's LifeQs. When it comes to making LifePosts for my friends and family, I don't want to do all the work (heck, I use this thing all day. As much as I love it, I don't want to spend ALL my free time on it, too!). So I set up a bunch of LifeQs designed to get specific info from friends or family that I share with so that I can reuse their answers and media elsewhere. It's a really effective way to put them to work gathering the info while I kick back and eat potato chips.
Ju-Don Marshall
I really love the way LifeQs brings parity to contributions. It allows for quick answers, and I love the way the myriad stories and media contributions come together to create a nice tapestry on the page. You can also have a lot of fun crafting your own questions.
Elizabeth *
LifeTimeline. Probably because I'm a linear thinker. And what better way to organize a person's life?
Amy Cunningham
As fun as LifeQs is, and as great as the LifeTimeline is for seeing the entire "march" of a person's life, I still love the traditional essay-form LifeStory because the digital format allows you to write a little, think about it, then go in and write some more. I had a complicated relationship with my mother, so I've used LifeStory as a place to store my thoughts and return to them. Once I'm ready, I'll share with others, but only after I've refined it and thought it over. The format of LifeStory is nice too for portrait photography. It's the best of the old fashioned newspaper announcement, modernized by new digital possibilities.
Elizabeth Sams
I like working with both LifeQs and Timeline, but I think my favorite part of creating on LP is the photo editing tool. I love old photos - and have lots from both my family and my husband's. And it's been a treat how easy the photo editor makes it to clean up scratches or crop a shot to lose the torn corner. Pictures I've known for years have surprised me with how good they can look. Big fun.