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What do you do about people who died a while ago?

Ned Berke
Make it a project!

My grandfather died 11 years before I was born. I know so little about him. I had my mother and aunt go in and fill out what they could from memory: when and where he was born, what he did at what points in his life, etc. From there, I've been taking each little factoid and fleshing it out, and I've learned so much about his little quirks, sense of humor and general mindset about things... and I'm only into his teens! It's been a really rewarding project that only needs a few minutes here and there. Especially helpful has been getting my family to pitch in without taking up any significant amount of their time.
Steven Waldman
It makes no sense to say only people who died recently should be properly memorialized. LifePosts can be used to create biographies for anyone, no matter when they died. I did one for my grandpa who died in the 1970s. Here my favorite picture discovered along the way.
David Perlmutter
My dad died when I was 15, and now I'm 53. I really look forward to getting family members and friends to contribute to a LifePost about him, so I can learn more about him, and refresh distant memories. The nice thing is that it can be an accretive project. There's no rush to the finish required.