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Why did you decide to work with LifePosts?

Ju-Don Marshall
As a pseudo historian in my family, I was struck not only by LifePosts' commitment to creating a virtual space where people could come together to memorialize their loved ones but also by the possibility of connecting all of the most important threads in our lives to weave an even fuller family history.

Around the time, Steve and I started talking more seriously about the project, I was about to embark on a similar initiative to allow people to share their first-person narratives in text, video and writing. That project was to be a digital incarnation of a book I had pitched more than a decade ago -- a collection of stories capturing the oral traditions of African and African Americans in passing down stories from mother to daughter to granddaughter. The more Steve and I talked, I realized LifePosts could be the combination of all of those things. Most importantly, I believe LifePosts could become the glue for families and even communities to reestablish lost connections.

Already while building this project, I've shared lots of laughs and a few tears with family members as we've sorted through old photos and shared old stories to cobble together family history. For me, my LifePosts will become something I can share with my children and siblings and cousins, and in turn, they can share them with their families.
Elizabeth *
I worked with Steve at the FCC, as he oversaw a comprehensive examination into the future of news and information in America. I admired many things about him, but foremost: his great interest in the needs of local communities, his intellectual curiosity (which regularly turned what should have been 30-minute meetings into 2-hour interviews), and his ability to gather disparate globs of information and turn it all into a story that many audiences would find compelling. We stayed in touch after he left the FCC, and he would, from time-to-time, fill me in on his ideas for developing a place online where people could chronicle their major life events. The genesis was in obituaries (as newspapers fell away, where would people memorialize their loved ones), but it soon went wider to encompass everything from birth to death, as he says it. I loved the concept -- like Facebook, but focused on just those things worth remembering. And, having worked side-by-side, around-the-clock with Steve for more than a year, I knew that if anyone was going to make something like this succeed, it would be him.
Elizabeth Sams
From the very first meeting in Steve's dining room, I've been impressed with the people involved. And from the first time I heard the idea, I wanted to help make it happen. Several people that matter a lot to me have died over the past decade, and I started out intrigued with the goal of offering a better set of tools to create beautiful online memorials. As the idea of LifePosts grew, I've gotten even more excited about the potential for this to be a storytelling center for all the ups and downs that mark our lives. I believe everyone alive has moving stories to tell. I can't wait to see them unfolding here.
Lisa Powers